It is one VIP HOLDING, created to meet the cooperation with MERPROJE Limited and starts her activities in the field of logistic services and foreign trade.

Our company was created by combining many years of experience in foreign trade and logistic services of MERPROJE and between the successful management style, extensive knowledge and fast, VIP services provided by VIP HOLDING. The main objective to establish this company is building economic bridges between our countries , to establish new markets and commercial activity areas that benefit us and our partners , and add strong economic value to our country and the rest of the world.

Thus, VIP logistics services has opened many offices and branches in many countries in order to be able to provide its vip services to a wide range of its customers, the best service , in no time, meeting their requirements, and relying on staff And employees with experience and high efficiency and latest technology, systems and innovative methods in providing transport and trade services.

Europe to Asia, the Balkans to the Middle East, our company has a large commercial presence and wide range activities in the field of import and export and the transport of goods and transit in Turkey.

Our company and its logistic activity are not limited to transport cargo and shipping normal weights, but rather to large shipments with huge weights and volumes, as it provides its customers with the best services in the fields of mass shippment, transport in refrigerated trucks, and transport of large containers, that will be done according to a successful and strategic business plan that leads to the delivery accurately and in no time and at the most appropriate cost.

As our slogan goes "Trust us" ,and thanks to the support of our customers, and in order to provide the best services, . We will always work to be your trusted and best business partner, based on our future vision and our principles of honesty and transparency.


Our vision lies in our ambition to be one of the largest companies specialized in logistic services and the regional and globe for investors, customers and companies, and by providing high quality and integrated transportation solutions , in addition to the effective contribution, our experience and expertise, in developing and directing the future of this sector .


Taking logistics service to the next level with high performance, efficient and corporate solutions
Increasing customer competitiveness with its integrated services
Benefiting all its stakeholders with a cost-oriented and sustainable profitability approach
Reinforcing the global sector experience with its innovative and professional structure.
To be a transparent, reliable and strategic solution partner.


Honesty and Transparency.
Responsibility and Accountability.
Competition and Justice.
Creativity and Perfection.
Equality and Reliability.
Employee and Customer Satisfaction.


VIP Logistics is always looking forward to innovation and development in order to play a leading role in building the future of our homeland and the development of our societies.